How to uninstall Norton on Mac?

You are probably here to learn the process to uninstall Norton. However, doing this can be harmful to your device as experts suggest not to leave it without any protection for a moment. To uninstall Norton device security on a Mac device, you must have Mac admin account login credentials handy. Without the admin username and password, you won’t be able to uninstall any program form it.

Uninstall Norton on Mac

Now the question arises why you are keen to uninstall Norton. Well, there could be several reasons for doing so and the most common one is because you wish to download another Norton product on your device. Similarly, some people who do not find worth it, they also wish to uninstall it from their devices. Whatever be the reason, make sure you continue to provide the much-needed protection to your Mac.

Best methods to uninstall Norton

Speaking about the method to uninstall it, there are two possible ways for doing so and these are discussed in the following sections. After each process ends, you must restart your device to remove Norton completely.

Method 1- through the Norton product menu

  1. In the beginning, navigate to the menu bar of your Mac.
  2. After this, locate and click on the ‘Norton’ icon.
  3. When you see the options, select ‘Open Norton’.
  4. When Norton’s menu opens, select ‘Norton’.
  5. To proceed further, select ‘Uninstall Norton Security’.
  6. In the following window, select the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  7. When prompted, enter Mac admin details and click ‘OK’.
  8. Click ‘Restart Now’ in the end.

Method 2- Remove Norton manually

  1. Using the Finder, locate your Norton product.
  2. Then, tap and drag it to the ‘Trash’.
  3. In this step, click ‘Continue’ to remove Norton from your device.
  4. When asked, enter the Mac admin username and password.
  5. Hit the ‘OK’ button and then click ‘Uninstall’.
  6. On the next window, select ‘Install Helper’.
  7. Follow some more prompts for the removal.
  8. To end the process, click ‘Restart Now’.

Fix problems while uninstalling Norton

  • Norton won’t uninstall Windows 10

If you are having trouble in uninstalling Norton from your Windows 10 device, then you may use Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. This tool allows you to remove those files of Norton that are otherwise hard to remove. Also, make sure you restart your device for the successful removal.

  • Norton stuck on preparing to uninstall

Sometimes, your Norton product might get stuck while you are all set to uninstall it from your device. You see the message ‘Preparing to uninstall’ for hours and you cannot even cancel the uninstall process. Hence, to get rid of the issue, close all the programs, and restart your device. Then, use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to uninstall it without any problem.

Do not forget to install another product of Norton via once you uninstall successfully.

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