How to get Norton antivirus via

It is important to download and install the Norton antivirus via Norton security setup product key that will protect the devices and data from viruses and unwanted invasions from viruses, malware, and trojans on your device. If you want to enable a defensive fortress for your valuable data and device then you have to install Norton software via You can also perform the installation on the Windows, android, mac, and iOS operating systems.

Remember, you just have to go via different products and services from Norton antivirus before purchasing the antivirus. The Norton antivirus software provides ultimate security to protect your devices. So, if you wish to install the Norton antivirus via Norton security setup product key then follow the instructions and steps given in this article.

How to use Norton product key to get the Norton security software?

  1. Go to the with the product key website and tap on the “Sign In” option.
  2. If you already have a Norton account then tap on “Sign up” to create an account.
  3. Enter the credentials to Sign in to your Norton account.
  4. Now, go to the “Get Started” page and tap on the “Download Norton” option.
  5. Enter the Norton product key to continue with the process.

Point to remember: You will receive the product key when you have purchased the Norton antivirus.

Tap on the “Enter a new product key” to get the Norton to install process.

  1. Enter the Norton enroll product key and tap on the “>” option.
  2. Go through the license agreement and tap on the “Agree & Download” option.
  3. Select the Norton product that you wish to download and then tap on the “Next” option.

Point to remember: If the Norton product which you desire is not on the list then tap on the option labeled as “Load More”.

  1. If you have visited and downloaded Norton product via using the MS Edge browser then you have to tap on the “Run” option.
  2. Remember, if you are using the Safari or Firefox then tap on the “Download” option to preview the downloaded files that open with Norton product key.
  3. If you are using Safari or Firefox then you have to tap on the “Download” option to view the files.
  4. Double-tap on the file that you have downloaded.
  5. Of you are using Chrome then the download option is present on-screen.
  6. Now, you will see the “User account control” option on screen and tap on the “Continue” option to complete the installation of Norton via
  7. After this go to the “User account control” option and tap on the “Continue” option.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.
  9. The installation might take place in a while so be patient.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped you to install Norton antivirus via However, if you still face issues or you are stuck in between. The steps then you can visit Norton’s official website and get the proper guidance to get Norton using Norton security setup product key. On the website, you will get the solution to fix any error that might occur in the process.

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