How to use Norton Power Eraser?

If you are in hunt of a tool that not only protects your PC but also protects your smartphone, then you may end your search here. Apart from this feature, Norton Power Eraser is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the official website of Norton. So, if you wish to know more about this protective tool, then you may continue reading this article thoroughly.

Norton Power Eraser

What is the Norton power eraser?

As it is already clear from the introductory part, that it is a protection tool so we can say that it helps the user to get rid of malicious programs present on his smart device. In case your device has malware, the tool helps in its removal with its powerful removal capabilities. However, many users have said that the scanning function of this tool is so forceful that it may remove some legitimate files as well. But, the best thing about this tool is that you can have a Norton power eraser for Android, Mac, and Windows 10. Now, let us know how we can do Norton power eraser download.

Method to download Norton Power Eraser and run it

  1. Initiate by navigating to the official website of Norton i.e.
  2. Here, search for Norton Power Eraser and click ‘Download’ present next to it.
  3. After the file gets downloaded, click on the ‘save’ button.
  4. Now, select the location where you wish to save the downloaded file.
  5. Then, click on the ‘Save’ option once again.
  6. Once the file gets downloaded, it is time now to Run it.
  7. For this, double-tap on the NPE.exe file.
  8. Tap ‘Yes’ on the ‘User Account Control’ prompt.
  9. To continue further, accept the license agreement.
  10. On the next window, select the ‘Scan for Risks’ icon.
  11. In the end, you need to wait for the scan to complete.
  12. Once the scan result appears, remove the found malware if any.

Verified solution for Norton Power Eraser not working

At times, Norton Power Eraser might face certain technical difficulties that may be known or unknown. The most common reason why this might be happening is because of an outdated version of the Norton Power Eraser. Another reason why this must be happening with you is because of software incompatibility.  To fix the issue:

  • Make sure you check the compatibility level of the device with software before downloading it.
  • If nothing helps, you should try uninstalling it and then reinstall it again.
  • Ensure that there is no error in the pathname of the file.

Now, let us have a look at some related queries raised by the users regarding Norton Power Eraser.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What does Norton Power Eraser do?

The tool is helpful in scanning and removing aggressive threats and malware from your PC and mobile devices. The tool is absolutely free and is available on the official website of Norton. As the name itself suggests, it uses powerful techniques to detect the presence of threats before they could reach your system.

  1. Is it safe to use Norton Power Eraser?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Norton Power eraser as none of the users have found any malware associated with it. However, some of its functions may remove even the legitimate files from your PC. Thus, you need to check the scan results thoroughly before removing the files.

  1. Does Norton Power Eraser remove malware?

Yes, the Norton Power eraser tool has been specifically designed to detect and remove the harmful viruses, threats, and malware from your PC as well as mobile devices. Hence, many find it quite effective in removing malware.

  1. How long does Norton Power Eraser take to run?

Norton Power eraser ( is a quick running tool that takes only two to three minutes to scan your entire system and find out the malware or viruses on it. This is one of the best qualities of this tool.

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