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There are many users who are still unable to understand the mechanism of Norton Safe search. It is a well-known web protection software that protects your personal identity at the time of surfing the net. The Norton Sage search software is uniquely curated with the aim to keep your online information securely intact with you so that no one can reach up to the information. Not only this, Norton Safe search maintains the security level of every website that you click on. The software monitors the websites in advance to have a look at whether that website is safe to access or not.

The Norton Safe Web will show you the ratings that are matched on the security levels and this is only to see whether the website is infected or not. Here, you will find out that how Safe Search works and how to deal with Norton Safe Search is Not Showing error. So, without any further stop, let’s get started!!

What is Norton Safe Search?

Till now it is explained, the application is a secured search engine that protects the users from visiting anonymous and malicious websites that are virus-infected or prone to get infections from malware and virus. It has advanced technology and it accordingly rates depends upon the security level.

What benefits do you get with Norton Safe Search?

Few notable benefits you get with Norton Safe Search are as follows:-

  • You can see the Website’s security ratings.
  • You can easily avoid and block the malware-infected websites.
  • It protects your identity by avoiding suspicious websites.
  • You are eligible to configure the settings to filter out risky websites.

What is the mechanism of the Norton Safe search?

Norton Safe Web uses a technology that is known as Norton Safe Web that analyzes the website using signature-based file scanning, search engines, behavioral detection and installing/uninstalling analysis of phishing websites, malicious and suspicious downloads. Moreover, it analyzes suspicious websites and set lines to block the website. This is a convenient and beneficial application but sometimes due to certain errors, you cannot work.

How to fix “Norton Safe Search is not working” error?

Here are a few steps to fix the “Norton Safe Search is not working” error:-

  1. You have to launch the Google Chrome browser and start with the Norton website www.norton.com/setup.
  2. Go and click on the Internet browser if you do not see any pop-ups.
  3. Click on the Norton icon and click on the identity safe option followed by the “Next” button.
  4. After this, click on the general option and then settings after that go to the next option and select the “Google Chrome”.
  5. Go through the on-screen instructions to install the extension and click on the “Continue” option.
  6. You are good to go for adding multiple extensions.
  7. After this go to the Norton toolbar and then check out the status that shows the disable option.
  8. At last, click on the “Close” option and then reset the “Google Chrome” browser.
  9. Congratulations!! You are successful in dealing with the error.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

It is very much important to know the procedure for managing the errors (if any) in Safe Search; hopefully, the steps that are highlighted in the article will help you to deal with the Norton Safe Search application successfully. In case, you still have issues related to the applications offered by Norton than it is recommended to visit Norton’s official website.

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