How to stop blocker Norton pop-ups on Windows 10?

Norton, like most different antivirus instruments, is fairly intrusive. To secure your PC with Norton then you can search in your web browser It installs a toolbar in your internet browser, pops up notifications even if you download secure records data, and exhibits you varied special offers and reports. But you’ll able to set Norton to solely notify you when there’s a precise downside. So, you can stop Norton pop-ups by following the following steps.

Stop Norton pop-ups

The following steps are similar for all editions of Norton’s antivirus:-

Norton has a feature that is integrated with the PC email client for example Microsoft Outlook its called anti-spam. This function has a “welcome screen” It gives you the information and feedbacks pop-ups. If you want to stop Norton pop-ups then you can follow the following steps. This is an easy way to stop Norton pop-ups:-

  1. Open Norton interface in your windows PC or Mac operating system .You can find it in the taskbar.
  2. Click on settings present in the upside right corner.
  3. Go on “Antispam”.
  4. Click on the “client integration” tab.
  5. Move the slider of “Welcome screen” and “feedback” to off.

Below are some more steps to stop more notification settings:-

  • Find Norton’s icon in the notification area. That icon could be hidden behind the up arrow on the left side of your system tray icons. – It looks like a check inside a yellow circle. Double click on it.
  • Click on settings. You will found it in the right upside corner of Norton’s security window.
  • Now you will able to see a checkbox for “Silent Mode”
  • You can check it to make Norton quite rapidly. But, Silent Mode isn’t a solution for permanently. Norton will disable it by itself after a few hours.
  • To find many of Norton’s notification settings, click “administrative settings” in the details setting tab.
  • Norton shows a report after 30 days by itself to stop it, move slider off.
  • Norton does many tasks in the background like virus scan etc. To stop notifications move Norton Task Notifications slider to off.
  • Norton shows its other products special offer automatically, To stop them move special offer notification slider to off.

How to stop Norton pop-ups on chrome?

Norton installs the “Norton Security Toolbar” and “Norton Identity Safe” browser extensions for Google Chrome by itself when you install Norton. To stops Norton pop-ups on chrome, you can perform the following steps:-

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. Select more tools.
  4. Go on the extension.
  5. You will see a trash bin in front of Norton identify safe.
  6. Click that trash bin.
  7. Now you see a more Norton security toolbar extension.
  8. Click its trash bin.

Now the extension is removed and this stops Norton pop-ups on chrome.

Frequently asked questions:-

Q.)How do I block ads coming up since Norton antivirus stopped?

Facing problems with ads during web surfing, then you can use this method.

  • Open a web browser.
  • Go to settings.
  • Search for site settings.
  • Sites are in front of you.
  • Delete all annoying sites.
  • This method will stop all the ads which are coming from websites.
Q.)How to get rid of Norton pop-ups after uninstalling?

If you want to stop Norton pop up after uninstalling then follow the following steps.

  1. Open the window or click the start button/icon on the taskbar.
  2. Search for the control panel.
  3. Find programs.
  4. Delete all the Norton related programs you see there on the list.
  5. The operation will be done after double click on it.
  6. The window for confirming will open.
  7. Click on yes.

After applying these steps you will get rid of Norton pop-ups.

Q.)Why does Norton keep popping up?

Norton performs many tasks in the background automatically, also including automatic virus scan and system clean up tasks. So, Norton keeps popping up when this action performs in the background tasks. If you don’t want to see like these pop-ups then you can stop Norton pop-ups using “Norton Task Notification” slider, Just move it to turn off, You can find it in Norton’s administrative settings in its interface.


If you are bothered by Norton’s pop-ups then do not worry about it. You can disable all the pop-ups and notifications after reading the article. Here are some topics related to Norton antivirus software. For ex:- How to stop getting Norton pop-ups on Windows 10?, How to stop Norton Pop-ups on chrome?

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