5 Basic reasons why you see Norton Product key error

Whenever you buy a Norton setup in your device, you’ll get a Norton Product Key, which you’ll use to activate your Norton product. Whether or not it’s online or offline but you have to enter the Norton product key in order to activate your product. While you buy the Norton setup online, you’ll get the Norton Product Key in your registered e-mail id. In case you buy the product via offline (retail store) course, you’ll get the Norton Product Key within the Norton setup pack.

You need to keep in mind that it’s important to be aware while you buy the Norton setup from a retail retailer. The Norton Product Key needs to be validated, in case it does it’s not valid, return the antivirus pack and ask to validate your buy with Symantec. As soon as your subscription will get valid, you need to use your Norton Product Key and set up it.

When you’ve got bought your Norton setup from a 3rd occasion web site, contact the vendor, to validate your subscription. By this, you possibly can enter the Norton Product Key. In case you’ve gotten bought your Norton setup by way of Norton official web site, you’ll get the product key in your registered e-mail. Contact the vendor, if the subscription shouldn’t be valid.

While you get the Product Key, you have to enter the Norton product key to enter your Norton setup. In case, the Norton Product Key, which you’ve gotten entered, seems to be “invalid”, it’s important to attempt using a special product key, as you won’t be able to proceed with putting in Norton in your system.


The Norton Product Key is inaccurate or invalid.
The product key doesn’t match with the Symantec database.
The Norton Product Key shouldn’t be compatible along with your system.
The product key’s active with one other Norton account.
You get the product key from outdoors of your intended nation.

For example, you won’t be able to activate your English Norton product with a Japanese Norton product key.


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